SEPT-22 to OCT-11 2023

39 Old Mint Street, Valletta

Curated by 

Aidan Celeste

LA-RAI-ESH are the first clouds that come by in August. They are very thin and disappear in a moment’s notice. A clean whisk of air and water. The @maltametoffice also writes how the word comes from the plural of L-Għarix, La-Reesh, a tent used for shelter in the heat of the sun. I prefer to think of L-Għarajjex by its false cousin: Tgħarix, Tah-Reesh, that soft feeling of a cloud in your gut, it’s a tickling, it’s a feeling, an opening that leaves you helpless at each finger.

The exhibition goes on to take our sense of danger from falling rocks to no entry signs, and turns them into a place of safety. Following the previous exhibition, Earth Rituals by Victor Agius, the curator brings in artists who look at the Earth with affection, and find ways to hold it together.

Featured Artist

Serhat Gur

Emma Fsadni

Johannes Buch

Adrian Abela

Naoya Inose

Keit Bonnici

Abigail Agius

Laura Besancon

Opening Hours 

Tue to Saturday

11:00 to 13:30

15:00 to 19:00 with Events on Wed-04th and Wed-11th until 21:00